Amy Major Staff Photo
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Ms. Major refers to herself as the “mad woman in the attic” (what literary term is this?) as she resides on the third floor of the castle in Room 307. 

She has taught all grade levels of English at RRHS since 2002 and is passionate about reading and writing, as she runs her classes like an Oprah’s book club (and we even make coffee!).  She has high expectations for her students and truly prepares them for college. 

Students know when it is hockey or football season, as she is more than passionate about her Detroit Red Wings (and hopes Tampa Bay chokes) and her Nittany Lions and cannot wait for the release of her new Penn State license plate.   

She has four nieces and nephews age 10 and under (Quincy, or her little Q-Ball; Alynah; Nalani; and LJ, short for Little John Martin Major, IV) who reside in Erie, PA; so she goes home every chance she gets. Her teaching philosophy is quite simple, as she states:  “I treat all of my students how I would expect other teachers to treat my nieces and nephews!”   

She loves German shepherds and now has her third.  If you want to get her off topic, ask her about “Lady.”  She will be more than glad to tell you an anecdote about her, or you will definitely get a corny joke! 

**written by my 3rd period!